Welcome to the MailBox documentation page! Here you will find setup guides, and answers to the most commonly asked questions! Please join our support server if you require further assistance.

MailBox v2.3.0 (Major)

  • Thread logging

  • Graphical redesign

  • Modified premium benefits

MailBox v2.2.1 (Minor)

  • Added setnotif command to ping a role when threads are created

  • Added delay to mutual servers being fetched to fix edit bug

MailBox v2.0.0 (Major)

MailBox version 2 has been released! This is a major update, and includes a brand-new robust core written in TypeScript, utilizying the Eris library to talk to Discords API. This update also comes with many changes and new features which include the following:

  • Major performance increases

  • Added functionality to block users

  • Added userinfo command to get information on thread users

  • Added functionality to cancel threads that are closing

  • Customizable server prefix

  • Customizable server response tag

  • Customizable thread opening message (Premium)

  • Individual command help messages

  • Major bug fixes and optimizations

  • And much more!