This page contains a list of all MailBox commands. You can also run -help in your server for a list, and -help [command] for details on a single command.

The following commands can be ran anywhere in your server.

Command and Usage


-addrole [role]

Adds a new ModMail access role

-addsnippet [name] [content]

Adds a new ModMail response snippet

-delrole [role]

Deletes a ModMail access role

-delsnippet [name]

Deletes a ModMail response snippet


Returns the current client response time

-prefix [prefix]

Changes the server command prefix


Lists all ModMail access roles

-setcategory [category]

Sets the ModMail category

-setnotif role | everyone | here | disable

Sets thread notification role

-setopen [message] (Premium)

Changes the thread opening message

-settag [tag]

Changes the ModMail response tag


Lists all ModMail snippets


Shows all thread only commands

unblock [user]

Unblocks a user from using ModMail


Displays Premium benefits and plans


Sets up logging channel

The following commands can be ran only in active thread channels.

Command and Usage


-block [reason]

Blocks a user from ModMail

-close [optional time]

Closes a ModMail thread

-reply [message]

Replies to a ModMail thread

-snippet [name]

Sends a ModMail snippet


Returns the ModMail users ID


Returns ModMail user information