Getting Started

The following guide will walk you through step by step on setting MailBox up in your server.

1.) Invite MailBox

The first thing you need to do is make sure MailBox has been invited to your server. You can invite MailBox via the customized invite link at the top of this page. This link should grant all of the required permissions.

You can only invite MailBox to servers you have the Manage Server permission in.

2.) Setting up MailBox

The setup process for MailBox is very simple and involves just one command to get up and running! There are, of course other commands to further customize the experience.

The first step is to select a category for ModMail threads to be created in. Whenever a user messages MailBox and selects your server, this is the category where the communication channel will be created. All you need to do is run -setcategory [category] to select this.

Example usage of the setcategory command

After you have selected a category, just confirm MailBox has permissions to view, chat, embed links and manage channels inside of that category and you should be good to go!

Non-premium servers are limited to a max of 3 access roles. Check out the Premium section for benefits and instructions on how to upgrade.

By default, users with the Manage Server permission can use thread commands such as reply. If you wish to add additional roles, you can do so with the addrole command. Simply run -addrole [role] to add a new role to this list. The role must already be created.

Example usage of the addrole command

Now any user who has this role can use thread commands! To remove this role, just use the delrole command. So for example, -delrole Staff will undo the change we just did.

If you are confused at any point during this setup process, the -setup command may help you out! It will display the current setup progress in your server, along with instructions on how to continue.