MailBox Premium

This page will list the benefits and pricing model of MailBox Premium.

First off, I would like to thank everyone using MailBox. You are awesome and I appreciate the support! Donations are completely optional, and would greatly help me with paying off server and database costs which add up. If I didn't need to pay for any of this, MailBox would be 100% free. Thank you for your consideration!

$5.00 Monthly Subscription

  • 1 premium server activation

  • Unlimited snippets (Non-Premium: Max 5)

  • Unlimited access roles (Non-Premium: Max 5)

  • Unlimited notes (Coming soon)

  • Customizable thread opening messages

  • Special colored-role in Discord server

  • Priority support channel in Discord server

  • My ever-lasting gratitude and thanks for supporting this project!

$10.00 Monthly Subscription

  • 2 premium extra activation (3 total)

  • 2 colored-roles in Discord server

  • Extra love! Thanks for helping with server-database costs!