Managing Threads

This guide will show you how to reply, manage, and close ModMail threads in your server. Threads will be created after a user has completed the steps in "Opening a Thread" and your server is setup.

1.) Replying to a Thread

Only users with the Manage Server permission, or a role added through the addrole command can access any of the commands below.

Replying to a thread is extremely simple. All you need to do is make sure you are in an active ModMail channel, then run -reply [message] and your message will be sent back to the user.

Example usage of the reply command

2.) Using Snippets

Non-premium servers are limited to a max of 5 snippets. Check out the Premium section for benefits and instructions on how to upgrade.

Snippets are an easy way to send messages without having to type them out or copy and paste them. To create a snippet, simply run -addsnippet [name] [content] with "name" being the unique name of the snippet, and "content" being the message you want to store.

Example usage of the addsnippet command

You can now use the snippet you have created! To do so, simply run -snippet [name] and the content will be sent to the user. You can view all snippets with the -snippets command

Example usage of the snippet command

To delete a snippet, simply run -delsnippet [name] and it will be removed from your server.

3.) Blocking Users

You can block users from creating threads in your server by running -block [reason] inside of an active thread channel. This can be easily undone by running -unblock [user] anywhere in the server.

Example usage of the block command

Only the userinfo and id command will be usable for an hour after blocking a user.

4.) Closing a Thread

To close a thread, simply run -close [optional time] and MailBox will handle the rest! If you wish to cancel this process, just run -close cancel and the thread will return to an active state.

Example usage of the close command